Majic Earth harnesses the power of nature through earthworms.



From Miami to Orlando and Palm Beach Island to Fort Meyers, we've supplied a wide amount of earthworm castings to meet the natural needs of clients lawns, gardens and flowerbeds.


We are the sole provider of earthworm castings to Kai Kai Farms who brew castings tea that is used on their crops 3x per week to add valuable microorganisms to the soil and increase plant uptake of nutrients.


We donate to local non-profit groups with whom our product helps promote their mission statements of inspiring people to act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world.

Fancy Name for a Simple Product


Earthworm castings are the digested material (excrement) from worms. Worm castings are nature’s purest form of sustained released plant food. More than just a complete organic fertilizer, castings are also a superior soil amendment and plant growth enhancer. In addition, it’s high water retention property increases the soil sustainability during dry weather.

We allow nature to “Do Her Thing” under controlled conditions in order to produce a uniform, high quality and pure product.

Our earthworms only feed on organic plant materials and a special mix of organic nutrients.

Majic Earth promotes:

Soil Aeration and Drainage

Plant and Root Growth

Seed Germination

Reintroduction of Vital Microbes Killed by Chemicals

Growth with Natural Plant Hormones

Water Retention


Uniform football shape make earthworm castings excellent at retaining moisture and promoting fibrous root growth.

Our earthworms enjoy all the food they can eat in a climate controlled building safe from predators and South Florida's wild weather.

Healthy Roots Grow Healthy Plants


N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) are nutrients that are necessary for green healthy plants. However, high chemical N-P-K burns fragile root systems which endangers plant health. Majic Earth, with its beneficial microbial content, repairs stressed and damaged roots for a healthy NPK exchange. 

Fruit and vegetable crops will be larger and free of blemishes caused by disease. Majic Earth will also improve color, flavor, nutrients and overall quality of all plants, fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that worm castings improve crop yield.



Pea Plants at 3 and a half weeks, planted in sand.  No Majic Earth.

Pea Plants at 3 and a half weeks, planted in sand that is 10% Majic Earth.

100% Non-Toxic.  Family and Pet Safe.


Majic Earth's organic worm casting brings out the vibrant colors of all your flowering plants, tree and shrubs.  Your organic garden can be free of chemicals and safe for your family.

Feed any plant Majic Earth, Nature’s Perfect Plant Food, to encourage vigorous growth, vibrant color and healthy disease resistant plants. Majic Earth naturally contains beneficial organisms, enzymes, trace minerals and colloidal minerals that are directly assimilated by all plants. These natural properties help plants repel whitefly, eliminate harmful bacteria, provide strong beneficial control over root eating nematodes and boost plants’ natural immune systems to prevent damage from pests and diseases





                                         National Green Energy Council                                          USDA National Organic Program


Being on the edge of a Green Revolution and recognizing that the days of chemicals and artificial ingredients have damaged our soil, contaminated our waters and affected our health, we acknowledge that it is time to take action and be the guardians of this magical planet.



It is the Green Energy councils job to initiate, defend, and otherwise support environmentally sound initiatives that support sustainable energy practices in all its forms.

About Majic Earth


Majic Earth is available for sale in 4 sizes suitable for different size projects.



Majic Earth is available in a 3 and a half pound bag ideal for potted or flowering plants.  This size is also ideal for making "castings tea"

The 10 pound bag is perfect for fruit trees and vegetables as well as shrubs and trees.

A 30 pound bag of Majic Earth would make any project dealing with new landscaping a breeze since it would stimulate fibrous root growth.  This size would be great for lawns, parks, community gardens, vegetable and flower gardens.

Majic Earth is also available in a one ton super sack for those larger projects that just need that extra touch.

Majic Earth can also be used to make casting tea.  This is a process where castings are soaked in water with a bubbler to create a nutrient and micro-organism rich tea that can be used to water plants and increase the nutrients levels in the soil.